Impacts of Border Enforcement on Unauthorized Mexican Migration to the United States

Summary How have heightened border controls affected the decision-making of unauthorized Mexican migrants to the United States?[1. Testimony prepared for the House Judiciary Committee, Field Hearing on Immigration, San Diego, Calif., August 2, 2006.] My research findings, based on highly detailed, face-to-face interviews with 1,327 migrants and their relatives in Mexico during the last 18 months,[2. […]

European Universities Must Get Their Act Together

Rick van der Ploeg As The Economist (The Brains Business, 10 September 2005) points out, academia in Europe is not ready for the challenges ahead. Realising mass access without sacrificing excellence demands a dynamic and competitive university system. The European challenge is to get the diversity and quality of the US without hurting accessibility. A […]

Fees Please: A Conversation with Nicholas Barr about Higher Education Funding in Europe and North America

Nicholas Barr is a professor or public economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Dr. Barr has been active in the UK debate on higher education since 1988, advocating a wide- ranging system of income-contingent student loans. He has submitted invited evidence to the Dearing Committee and the Education Select Committee, was […]