Religion and Spirituality: History, Discourse, Measurement

Courtney Bender is an associate professor of religion and sociology at Columbia University. She is the author of Heaven’s Kitchen: Living Religion at God’s Love We Deliver (University of Chicago Press, 2003). A new volume, entitled Worlds of Experience: Contemporary Spirituality and the American Religious Imagination is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press. The recent spate of attention […]

Colonial Legacy, Elite Dissension and the Making of Genocide: The Story of Biafra

Sam Amadi, Center for Public Policy & Research, Lagos, Nigeria “The Nigeria civil war broke out on 6 July 1967. The war was the culmination of an uneasy peace and stability that had plagued the nation since independence in 1960. This situation had its genesis in the geography, culture and demography of Nigeria.” – Major Abubakar […]