War & Peace in Sudan: The Case of the Bejas

Dan Connell, Simmons College ‘When the Janjaweed attacked our village, they came shooting and burning from all directions,’ rape victim Jamila Bochra Moham told a reporter in the summer of 2006. ‘I tried to run away, but they told me to stop or they would kill me. I was raped by five armed men. I saw […]

Class and Power in a Stateless Somalia

Alex de Waal, Social Science Research Council Overview This essay develops an analysis of the Somali conflict that stands apart from the generally accepted wisdom that the country has fractured along clan lines, because of the inherent incapacity of the clan system of politics to provide the basis for a modern state. There is a contrary […]

Ethiopia’s Strategic Dilemma in the Horn of Africa

Abdul Mohammed, InterAfrica Group Introduction The current crisis in the Horn of Africa, including the Ethiopian military intervention in Somalia in pursuit of what Ethiopia perceives as its legitimate national security interest—namely to ensure that the Transitional Federal Government defeats its adversary, the Union of Islamic Courts—has led in some circles to much polarized and […]

Flawed Sheikhs and Failed Strategies: Lessons of the Jihadist Debacle in Somalia

Seifulaziz Milas, InterAfrica Group Introduction There are indications that the Americans have finally taken their revenge, and made it clear that it was the motive of air attacks on the SCIC terrorist bases around Ras Kamboni at the southern tip of the Somalia coast, where certain Al-Qaeda terrorists were reportedly hiding. Revenge is the honourable thing […]

Somalia: A New Front Against Terrorism

Roland Marchal, CNRS/CERI The political crisis in Somalia reached the end of a cycle with the recent American-Ethiopian intervention. In the Horn of Africa, a new cycle has begun. Instead of making Somalia more secure, this intervention will, in the coming months, militarize opposing political and social groups in Somalia and beyond. For the third time […]