Cuba, Citizen Participation and Associational Space: Some Notes

by Armando Chaguaceda Noriega.[1. This essay summarizes research carried out with support of a grant from CLACSO-ASDI in 2006-2008. The original text and valuable contributions from colleagues can be found in Armando Chaguaceda (ed). “Participación y espacio asociativo”, Ediciones Acuario, La Habana, 2008.] What does “non-governmental” mean in a country with a statist tradition? Would […]

Dear Joan, Call Me “Chuck”

Joan Scott In 1966, I was awarded a research training fellowship by the Social Science Research Council. The point of the fellowship was to encourage interdisciplinary training; the recipient was assigned to a mentor who would help accomplish that over the course of several years. I was incredibly fortunate to have Chuck Tilly as my […]

Gold (Advice) and (Horace) Silver

Doug McAdam I had the great fortune of spending a lot of time and working closely with Chuck (and another collaborate of his, Sid Tarrow) over the last 13 years of his life. The collaboration started with a three-year Mellon-funded series of seminars on “Contentious Politics” held at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. […]

A Voice We Will Miss

Craig Calhoun Charles Tilly passed away last week. He was among the most distinguished of contemporary social scientists. Indeed, the SSRC had just awarded Tilly its highest honor, the Albert O. Hirschman Prize. Like Hirschman, however, Tilly was not only distinguished but distinctive. He had a voice of his own. Chuck’s voice animated his numerous books. […]

The Political Ethnographer’s Compagnon

Javier Auyero “[R]ight now I want to be the mournful friend, compañero del alma, who tends the ground you fertilize and lie in, gave too soon,” writes Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez about the death of his close friend Ramón Sijé. Those words came to my mind, like lightning, when I learned about the passing of our Chuck Tilly on […]