Building Bridges and Communities

The US government has always turned to the nation’s scholars and intellectuals for help in times of national crisis or emergency. Many of our most prized scholarly organizations today were born during previous conflicts. President Lincoln established the National Academy of Sciences amidst the Civil War. Likewise, President Wilson created the National Research Council during […]

The Minerva Controversy; a Cautionary Tale

The Minerva initiative has elicited several warnings of creeping contamination. Hugh Gusterson describes Minerva as a lethal vector not unlike the cancer-spreading tobacco industry’s contagion of health research. Katherine Lutz defines defense related funding as a malignant disease; “whole subfields have atrophied and others metastasized.” Priya Satia agrees that the separation of the delicate academic […]

Doing Policy Research: Camelot or Oz?

Danilo Yanich is the Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Delaware. He also directs the Local TV news Media Project at the University. Dr. Yanich has considerable experience in conducting policy research studies in several fields, especially media issues and criminal justice policy for over two decades. The […]

Audience Evolution and the Resuscitation of “Mass Communication”: Implications for Communications Policy and Policy Research

Philip M. Napoli is an Associate Professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business Administration, located in New York City, where he also directs the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center.  Professor Napoli teaches courses in media economics, the regulation of electronic media, media industries, and new media technologies. Professor Napoli’s research interests focus primarily on the areas of […]

What If? Confessions of a Sceptical Activist

Marianne Franklin is Senior Reader & Convener of the Transnational Communications and Global Media Postgraduate Program at Goldsmiths (UK). With a background in the Humanities (History & Music) and Social Sciences (Politics), she has held teaching and research positions in several countries. On the 2008 executive of the ISA’s International Communications section, she has served as Section Chair […]

Community Media: Scholarship, Policy Advocacy, and Power Tools

Kate Coyer is post-doctoral research fellow with the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and the Center for Media and Communication Studies at Central European University(CEU). In addition to teaching at CEU during the spring term, during her fellowship at Annenberg, she conducted a comparative study of community broadcasting policies among European Union member countries, with […]