Cuba: desafíos para un aniversario

por Armando Chaguaceda Noriega[1. Politólogo e historiador. Profesor del Campus Virtual de CLACSO, miembro de la Cátedra Haydeé Santamaría” de la Asociación Hermanos Saìz (Cuba), doctorante de la Universidad Veracruzana.] English version Arena de pasiones encontradas, mitos ideológicos y conquistas sociales, Cuba conmemorará en este enero el medio siglo del histórico triunfo revolucionario de 1959. […]

Cuba: Challenges for an Anniversary

by Armando Chaguaceda Noriega versión español This January marks the half-century anniversary of Cuba’s historic revolutionary triumph of 1959: an arena for discovered passions, ideological myths and social conquests. Cuba will celebrate while confronting contrasting realities. The island is the only country in Latin America to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development goals; infant mortality […]

Cuba, Citizen Participation and Associational Space: Some Notes

by Armando Chaguaceda Noriega.[1. This essay summarizes research carried out with support of a grant from CLACSO-ASDI in 2006-2008. The original text and valuable contributions from colleagues can be found in Armando Chaguaceda (ed). “Participación y espacio asociativo”, Ediciones Acuario, La Habana, 2008.] What does “non-governmental” mean in a country with a statist tradition? Would […]

Waiting for a Bus to Somewhere: Reflections on Cuba and its Context

by Eric Hershberg [1. Max Cameron and Sarah Doty offered observations and corrections in response to an earlier draft of this essay. The opinions presented here are solely my own.] During the summer of 2006, a month before Fidel Castro stunned the world by temporarily stepping down from his responsibilities as Cuba’s head of state […]

Predicting Change: The Havana, Miami, and Washington Triangle

MIAMI — Unpredictability has long been the hallmark of social change in Cuba. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, you are invariably surprised by the twists and turns of a revolution that has always had its own logic, or lack of it.  The application of models from somewhere else, the attempts […]

Raúl Castro, Team Work and the Search for the Spirit of Capablanca

“If there is food for the people, risks do not matter.” – Raúl Castro. 09/18/1994 “We will do what is best for each sector and place, and we will not unleash processes that could escape the control of the socialist State.” – Carlos Lage. 12/19/1994 “I strongly believe that the answers to the current problems […]

Cuba’s Changing Leadership and the Dynamics of Civil Society

Bien underground cubano casi sin posibilidades, pero con lo poco q’ tenemos no somos gusanos y hago tanto como muchos q’ no hacen lo q’ hago yo. Me siento un mago cuando estoy en la tarima, levantan de un público muerto hasta lograr q’ rian de alegria desapareciendo su agonia y melancolia, tan solo, representando […]